Nationwide data, indicators, methods and result maps about ecosystems and their systems are made accessible here, partly basing on two decades of landscape ecological research. The presented measures will be further observed in the future. They relate to international frameworks such as the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the EU Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES) initiative and the UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA). The indicators provide information about the extent, ecological properties and values of ecosystems and landscapes including biodiversity parameters. Policy relevance, directional significance and sensitivity to landscape/ecosystem/biodiversity use and pressures are among the selection criteria of indicators that can address leverage points, as well as highlight successes/failures and need for action for the transformation towards ecologically sustainable landscape and social development.

The chapter Landscape and ecosystems presents landscape units, ecosystem and habitat types and their pattern in space and time

The chapter Ecosystem conditions comprise data about the state, load, use intensity, development and connectivity within the six dominant landscape types

The chapter Ecosystem services contains indicators on the values and contributions of nature to the well-being of mankind

The chapter Human nature interactions includes research data on the landscape experience, their appreciation and how they are reflected in social communication

Contact: Dr. Ralf-Uwe and Dr. Karsten Grunewald