About us

The IOER Research Data Centre offers a comprehensive range of data, information tools and applications to facilitate sustainable land transition as well as transformative urban and regional development.

At the heart of the IOER-RDC is the well-established  "Monitor of Settlement and Spatial Development (IOER Monitor)", which provides a web-based visualization of spatial data and analysis from all the institute’s research areas. 

The IOER-RDC’s data sets are essential contributions for spatial science research, planning and administration, climate and ecosystem research, sustainable resource use and social science issues. The centre’s mission is to advance the transdisciplinary development of innovative methods of data collection, analysis, evaluation and interpretation for research into land use change.

Furthermore, the IOER-RDC is actively involved in the development of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) and is part of the consortium for NFDI4Biodiversity, NFDI4Earth, KonsortSW, BERD and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).